• EU initiates nano communication project

    Posted 14.08.2013

    2.4 million euro from the EU will over the next three years be spent on increasing the communication to the public about nanotechnologies.

    A new project funded by the EU is intended to boost communication to the public about nanotechnologies. The project will focus on six main areas:


    • Developing new strategies for outreach and dialogue along nanotechnology value...

  • REACH needs to be revised according to nanomaterials

    Posted 06.06.2013

    EUs kemilov er utilstrækkelig, når det kommer til regulering af nanoteknologi.

    In an article recently published in Nature Nanotechnology it is argued that EU’s chemicals legislation, REACH needs revision to sufficiently address nanotechnology risks. The author, Steffen Foss Hansen, point to three major areas that needs to be clarified according to...

  • New project to assess the environmental risks of nanomaterials

    Posted 06.06.2013

    A new major project has been launched by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to investigate the possible adverse environmental effects of 10 specific nanomaterials.

    Among the selected substances are nano-titanium dioxide, which most people are or have been exposed to via sunscreens and paint, as well as nano-silver, which is used in washing machines and...