Nano in the environment – an unknown risk

Studies show that nanoparticles can have negative effects on the environment.

A new article by Louise Sales have summarized recent studies, that have shown different negative effects on the environment. A Dutch study have shown that exposure to certain nanoparticles damage the health of earthworms. In addition, a US study has found an adverse impact on plants and microorganisms following the application of sewage biosolids containing a low dose of nano-silver. This study also found that several plant species were able to take up silver from nano-silver in soils. This suggests that nanoparticles from sewage waste can get into the food chain.

Moreover, it is observed that the bioreactivity of nanomaterials is likely to vary significantly depending on the type of soil. Therefore, with the knowledge and equipment that we have today, it will be impossible to predict the potential toxicity and evaluate the risks associated with nanoparticles in soil.