• Unlabeled nano substances found in 20 out of 23 substances sold in the French market

    Posted 17.01.2023

    The French NGO, Avicenn has found unlabeled nano substances in 20 out of 23 products sold on the French market which is a clear breach of EU rules. The tests were carried out from December 2021 to August 2022, and Avicenn found silver, silica and iron...

  • REACH committee to debate restriction proposal on microplastics excludes nanoparticles

    Posted 23.09.2022

    Today, September 23rd, a draft proposal set out by the European Commission to restrict intentionally added microplastics is being debated at the REACH committee. The Commission looks to prevent the devastating effect that microplastics have on nature.


    Multiple green NGO’s have urged the EU governments to back strict controls on the intentional addition of...

  • OECD evaluation of 32 nanomaterials exposure assessment tools

    Posted 17.12.2021

    The OECD has evaluated 32 tools that can assist in the exposure assessment of Nanomaterials  The 32 tools and models evaluated by OECD are specifically developed for assessing consumer and occupational exposure to manufactured nanomaterials. The evaluation consists of three parts: 

    1)    compilation of tolls/models and analysis for further...