• Carbon nanotubes can harm human lungs according to Ingeniøren

    Posted 21.09.2015

    Ingeniøren, which is a Danish newspaper, is running a online story about carbon nanotubes and how they might harm humans if inhaled after the US company Tesla Nanocoatings have made their products available on the European and Danish market. 

    For more on the story in Ingeniøren, see...

  • Product number 2000 added to The Nanodatabase!

    Posted 03.09.2015

    We have just added product number 2000 to The Nanodatabase making it the first database in the world to go beyond this magical number and the largest database on products that entail nanomaterials and/or are claimed to be based on nanotechnology.


    For more information on product number 2000 see http://nanodb.dk/en/product/?pid=4002 and for more...

  • Nanosilver in food supplements could potentially harm our cells

    Posted 04.02.2014

    Danish researchers from the Southern University of Denmark have now demonstrated that nano-silver can damage human cells. Many supplements contain nanosilver and it is this exposure that Danish Food Authorities now warns Danes against. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recently concluded that there is insufficient knowledge to determine whether nanosilver is dangerous or not. But it may...