• Product number 3,000 added to The Nanodatabase

    Posted 04.04.2017

    We have just added product number 3,000 to The Nanodatabase!

    Product number 2,000 was added in September, 2015 meaning the database has grown with 1,000 products over the course of just 18 months.

    Most product fall into the category of Health and Fitness (1845) whereas about one sixth of all the products fall into the category of Home and Garden (555).

    For the 1845 products...

  • Is "safety by design" the way forward for nanomaterials?

    Posted 22.03.2017

    A new study by researchers at DTU Environment and GenØk in Tromsø, Norway raises serious questions about the use of the concept "Safety by Design" (SbD) in nanosafety research.


    Numerous stakeholders in the field have pledged their hope to SbD in the pursuit of the development of ‘safe’ or safer nanomaterials. The study, published in Nanotoxicology, discusses the origin of the...

  • Chemical Alternatives Assessment for Engineered Nanomaterials

    Posted 01.02.2017

    New article published in the scientific journal IEAM explores and explains how Alternatives Assessment can be used when it comes the applications of nanomaterials.


    Check out the article co-authored by Rune Hjorth, who is a Post Doc at DTU Environment, or listen to the podcast available at