Nanotechnology-derived graphene used in face masks

Face mask.png (1)

Face masks containing nanotechnology-derived graphene are emerging in the consumer market and we have recently added multiple face masks containing graphene to our database already. Graphene is a form of carbon that consists of nano-thin flakes of carbon atoms. Graphene is known as a cause of pulmonary toxicitybut whether the use of graphene constitutes a health-related risk depends on whether graphene comes of the face mask during use, is inhaled and enters into the lungs. With regard to the face mask, this is unclear at this point in time. See for a risk bite on “Is Graphene in Face Masks Safe?”


Health Canada recommends users to stop purchasing and using face masks containing nanoform graphene based on a preliminary risk assessment they conducted, which identified “a potential for early pulmonary toxicity associated with the inhalation of nanoform graphene.” ( The warnings of the potential risks associated with graphene-containing face masks raise serious questions over safety checks and balances.


In addition to the face masks containing nanotechnology-derived graphene, there are masks containing nano silver, as well as masks containing unknown nanomaterials. These masks can be found in our database. If you find masks containing “nano”, take a picture of it and send it to us via!