• Coming Clean Publishes First Ever GreenScreen on a Nanomaterial

    Posted 04.01.2017

    Coming Clean have for the first time applied an off-the-shelf chemical hazard assessment tool - the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals - to a nanomaterial, namely Nanosilver. The work and findings was published in the peer reviewed journal Environmental Health (download for free

  • Sweden proposes national nano register

    Posted 09.05.2016

    Sweden now joins Denmark, Belgium, France and Norway with their new nano register according to Chemical Watch.  These other countries already require companies to report information on nanomaterials to their national inventories. These national initiatives have been taken since there is no EU register. And there is no prospect that there will be one.

    Swedish companies shall provide...

  • Regulation of nanomaterials postponed indefinitely

    Posted 11.04.2016

    In a tragic move, the European Commission has decided not to establish a mandatory EU-wide nanoregistry according to Chemical Watch. This means that there will not be mandatory reporting obligations for manufacturers of nanomaterials and nanoproducts despite numerous calls for transparency from EU Member States, NGOs and academics about who is producing what on an EU-wide level, how much is...