• French candy producer pledges not to use titanium dioxide

    Posted 25.01.2017

    According to Agir pour l'Environnement, the French candy producing company, Verquin Confiseur has committed to no longer use titanium dioxide in the manufacture of all their candies (see https://www.agirpourlenvironnement.org/communiques-presse/nanoparticules-e171-verquin-confiseur-renonce-utiliser-le-dioxyde-de-titan-31019)


    This decision follows the publication of a study...

  • Has the OECD failed the nanosafety-community?

    Posted 11.01.2017

    In 2015, the OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials published their long-awaited dossiers on selected nanomaterials. 

    The dossiers are the results of the OECD seven-year sponsorship testing programme for manufactured nanomaterials involving multiple OECD member state countries and industry. The findings, as set out by the OECD, have a substantial potential to influence national...

  • Coming Clean Publishes First Ever GreenScreen on a Nanomaterial

    Posted 04.01.2017

    Coming Clean have for the first time applied an off-the-shelf chemical hazard assessment tool - the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals - to a nanomaterial, namely Nanosilver. The work and findings was published in the peer reviewed journal Environmental Health (download for free