• Designed to fail? Few registrations in the Danish nanoregister

    Posted 27.01.2016

    The first deadline to register nanoproducts to Denmark’s nanoregister fell in 2015. Producers and importers of products containing nanomaterials shall register them when they are intended for sale to the public, and where the nanomaterials are released, but only eight companies submitted information under the first reporting deadline. For more see

  • Industry rejects changes to nano definition

    Posted 14.12.2015

    In recent months, companies have come under criticism for resisting requests for additional nanomaterial information by the European Chemicals Agency.
    This underlines the importance for the European Commission to publish its much-delayed review of nanomaterials in the REACH...

  • Applicability of Risk Assessment Questioned by Danish Scientists

    Posted 04.11.2015

    A study by Danish scientists points out that risk assessment might not be appropriate when it comes to endocrine disrupters and nanomaterials

    Kristian Syberg and Steffen Foss Hansen from Roskilde University and the Technical Univerisity, respectively have just published a paper in Science of The Total Environment questioning the general use of environmental risk assessment to guide...