Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H Red

  • Manufacturer Nanoformula s.c. (Nano Ceramic Protect®)
  • Nanomaterial Unknown
  • Category Automotive, Home and Garden, Maintenance & Accessories
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Product Information

Nano Ceramic Protect Keramikversiegelung 9H Rot ist ein absolutes Premium Produkt zur Oberflächenversiegelung.

NCP9H Rot – Weniger Glanz, dafür umso härter!
Die Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H Beschichtung ist eine permanente Beschichtung. Nach dem Auftragen der Beschichtung entsteht eine langlebige Schutzschicht mit langjähriger Garantie. Die hohe Härte und Elastizität der Versiegelung garantiert eine erhöhte Haltbarkeit auch bei extreme Witterungsbedingungen.

Manufacturer's description

Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H Red is a high quality product for protecting surface from the harmful influence of external and environmental causes. An easy method of preparation and application, allows you to gain an excellent effect with a minimum workload. Thanks to the nano ceramic structure, the covering which you gain protects the surface from permanent impurities and environmental factors, which have a negative influence on the condition of the surface finish. The product’s molecular structure creates an invisible matrix. The advantage of this matrix structure allows you to save both time and money, normally devoted to frequent surface cleaning. Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H Red stays on the surface for up to 5 years. Application of NCP Hard 9H Red will provide protection up to 5 years, UV radiation resistance, protection from environmental factors, high hydrophobicity (repels water, dirt, debris,) easy to clean and maintain. Before using on the treated surface, use Nano Ceramic Remover (optimizes the surface tension) in order to achieve perfect adhesion of the coating.


  • Unknown
  • Plastic packaging
  • Suspended in liquid
  • European Union
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