Crème Symphonique Day-Time, Dry Skin

  • Manufacturer Beauté Pacifique
  • Nanomaterial Unknown
  • Category Health and Fitness, Cosmetics
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  • Humans

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Product Information

Fugtgivende dagcreme til tør og sart hud med avanceret nano-teknologi, der allerede ved påføringen virker forskønnende på hudens overflade, og som dernæst penetrerer dybt med en rig pallette af anti-age ingredienser med hver sin specifikke langtidseffekt.

Manufacturer's description

Fugtgivende dagcreme til tør og sart hud med avanceret nano-teknologi

is an oil naturally occurring in human skin and is an important part of the lipid system. Its penetration capacity is remarkably high. Nanometer droplets of squalane function as effective “transporters” for the A Vitamins and other oil soluble active ingredients. Young and healthy skin contains a high amount of squalane but the level will decrease dramatically with age. Therefore squalane is absorbed excellently into sun damaged and aged skin. A lack of squalane within the skin can lead to premature aging, very dry skin and a loss of elasticity. Areas of constantly exposed, dry and prematurely aged skin such as on the hands, elbows, heals and knees etc become incredibly soft immediately when squalane is applied in the right formulation.


  • Unknown
  • Plastic packaging
  • Suspended in liquid
  • European Union
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