Cabincare - Waterproof Protective Coating Spray for Car Seat

  • Manufacturer Nasiol
  • Nanomaterial Unknown
  • Category Automotive
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Product Information

Nasiol CabinCare protects the fabric surfaces in your vehicle against water, liquids and stains, providing them with easy-to-clean properties. Effective and practical nano-protection for car seats!
CabinCare forms a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer over the fabric surfaces of your car. It protects fabric materials against liquids and stains.

Manufacturer's description

Nasiol Cabincare creates waterproof and oleophobic fabrics and protects the textile parts of your car from water and stain. Fabric waterproofing spray lasts up to 6 months and easily applied in 15 minutes.

Kids and pets can roughhouse and cuddle in your car. No worries about dirty paws and dirty shoes, sticky hands, and uncapped coloring pens.
Sports equipment and bags can be placed in the seats. No worries.
Drive-thru food, snacks, and drinks? No worries.
No worries and no wincing at the cost of getting your interiors reupholstered or repaired.
Nasiol Cabincare removes the worry and keeps your upholstery’s new-look. Protects automotive fabrics from stain and creates a nano-sized coating that repels water.


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  • Plastic packaging
  • Suspended in liquid
  • Denmark European Union
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