ProT GOLD Berry Sugar Free Liquid Protein Shot - 30oz Anti Aging

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Product Information

Innovation In Advanced Medical Nutrition
ACCELERATED WOUND HEALING: 3g Arginine in addition to the naturally high sulfonic amino acid profile in collagen helps wounds and tissue heal up to 2x as fast.
NITROGEN BALANCE: Maintains +Nitrogen Balance in the body better than Whey Protein
NANO HYDROLYZED: Naturally hydrolyzed with a proteolytic (fruit) enzyme (not heat or acids) to a molecular weight of 2000-5000 daltons. Our protein is assimilated rapidly through the gut and into the bloodstream. Even people with a compromised digestive tract easily assimilate our protein.

Manufacturer's description

Heal 2X Faster with ProT Gold!
☑️ Medical-grade liquid nano-hydrolyzed collagen® protein. Approved as a medical food by the FDA.

☑️ Ready-to-drink! No mixing required.

☑️ Developed by a Stanford biochemist to help you heal 2x faster.

☑️ Recommended by nearly 4,000 doctors, nutritionists, and other medical professionals

☑️ Just 1 ounce contains 15g of nano-hydrolyzed collagen® + 2.5g of fortified amino acids

☑️ 100% protein. Keto-friendly with no sugar, no carbs, no fat.


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