Hair Streigh Blowout Protein Amazon Premium Mask P2

  • Manufacturer Naelly
  • Nanomaterial Unknown
  • Category Health and Fitness, Personal Care
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Product Information

The Naelly ST Premium Kit has a multifunctional formula because it is the only one on the market to offer two masks with highly selected assets, allowing the professional to adapt 3 processes, such as Progressive, Semi-Definitive and Definitive.
It is an innovative capillary treatment system, rich in protein, amino acids and nano-keratin high-tech exclusive brand.
The formulas have been enriched with the perfect combination of Pracaxi Oil, Acai Extract, Amino Acids and cationic polymers that act intensely on the wires reducing porosity, providing a natural smooth, balanced, silky and mirrored shine, as well as soft and hydrated hair, making the final straightening process safer, with unparalleled quality in the professional cosmetics segment, with highly recognized performance in the national and international market.

Tannin and glyoxylic acid, exclusive nano keratin, blend of amino acids and oils, contains formaldehyde only as a preservative, as it has 0.01 and Anvisa allows up to 0.02. Both assets are enriched with Pracaxi oil, acaí extract and seaweed amino acids.

Manufacturer's description

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  • Unknown
  • Plastic packaging
  • Suspended in liquid
  • Denmark European Union
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