Zap Pro Life Nanofix Deep Cleansing Shampoo

  • Manufacturer Zap Cosmetics
  • Nanomaterial Unknown
  • Category Health and Fitness, Personal Care
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Product Information

Pro Life Nano Fix Progressive Brush is a capillary restructuring treatment with thermal activation that promotes the alignment of the wires and decreases the volume. It has innovative Nanofix technology with a perfect combination of a vitamin complex, fusion of omegas and an mix of natural oils. Pro Life Nano Fix combines this and associates it with nanotechnology that will be activated under the heat of the flat iron.

Pro Life Deep Cleaning Shampoo - It was developed to promote an intense cleaning, removing residues accumulated in previous chemical processes, which leave hair opaque, heavy and lifeless. In addition, the Prolife Shampoo raises the pH and opens the cuticles, preparing the hair for nutrition treatments and deep reconstruction.

Pro Life Hair Treatment - Reconstruction and thermal sealing system with intense volume control promoted through Nanofix technology, perfect combination of a vitamin complex with fusion of omegas and blend of natural oils associated with nanotechnology, which under heat activation of the board produces volume reduction and a relaxing effect.


-01 Zap Pro Life Nanofix Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1L

-01 Zap Pro Life Nanofix Hair Treatment 1L

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  • Unknown
  • Plastic packaging
  • Suspended in liquid
  • Denmark European Union
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