Product number 4,000 added to The Nanodatabase

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Product number 3000 was published back in April 2017 and now we have reached product number 4000 in the database!

Silver is still the nanomaterial reported to be used in most products, with the 2nd and 3rd largest groups being Titanium and Titanium dioxide. Nevertheless, in almost 3000 products the type of nanomaterial is unknown.

2310 products fall into the Health and Fitness category, where a little more than 800 are considered Personal Care products and about 650 are Sporting Goods.

In the 2nd biggest category, Home and Garden, which consists of around 700 products, we find that the majority of them (330) are cleaning products.

The nanomaterial is in most of the products suspended in liquid (1617). In around 75% of those the nanomaterial is unknown, whereas Titanium dioxide, Silver and Silicon dioxide accounts for a little more than 15% of the products suspended in liquid.

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