Product number 3,000 added to The Nanodatabase

3000 nanoproducts.png

We have just added product number 3,000 to The Nanodatabase!

Product number 2,000 was added in September, 2015 meaning the database has grown with 1,000 products over the course of just 18 months.

Most product fall into the category of Health and Fitness (1845) whereas about one sixth of all the products fall into the category of Home and Garden (555).

For the 1845 products that fall into Health and Fitness, a little more of 700 products are Personal Care products whereas about 400 fall in Clothing and about another 400 are Sporting good.

Silver is the nanomaterials reported to be used in most products, but for 60% of the product the identity of the nanomaterials was not reported.

For more information about the information in The Nanoadatabase, see our Analysis section of The Nanodatabase