REACH needs to be revised according to nanomaterials

EUs kemilov er utilstrækkelig, når det kommer til regulering af nanoteknologi.

In an article recently published in Nature Nanotechnology it is argued that EU’s chemicals legislation, REACH needs revision to sufficiently address nanotechnology risks. The author, Steffen Foss Hansen, point to three major areas that needs to be clarified according to nanomaterials.

  1. A distinction between the bulk and the nano form of a given material has to be made in the legal text. Research has shown that these two forms of the same chemical material show different effects.
  2. It is furthermore important with a more comprehensive characterization than for larger materials since the special characteristics of nanomaterials, such as surface coatings, lead to a behavioral change.
  3. Lastly, the tonnage bands, that are fundamental for the REACH registration, should be lowered or repealed for nanomaterials, so that submission of physicochemical characterization and (eco)toxicological data to regulators should be mandatory.