Antibacterial face mask with pocket for nanofiber filter 6C

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Produkt Information

face mask with pocket for nano-filter
textile material of the mask and filter contains molecules of silver fixed into the fibers
2pcs of reusable and replaceable nanofiber filters
filter is antiviral, antibacterial, captures 92% of SARS-CoV-2 particles
textile mask is washable, filter can be treated according to the instructions
freely breathable
soft elastics and adjustable straps

The mask is made from nanosilver® Classic material.

A special particles filter 3PLY FILTER NANOSILVER® can be inserted into the mask pocket. Its added value is capturing of the small particles of 80 – 150 nm (similar to SARS-CoV-2).
The packaging includes 2 filters, which can be changed repeatedly after 2 days of "quarantine".

Silver molecules prevents the growth of bacteria that are formed when exhaled through a wet textile in front of the mouth.

Before inserting it into the pocket check that inner layer is not torn or mechanically demaged.

Producentens beskrivelse

Masque aux nanoparticules de cuivre, 50 lavages réutilisable 40 heures entre 2 lavages, 99% de filtration


  • Kulstof-nanorør
  • Textile
  • Surface bound
  • European Union
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