Colloidal Gold - Liquid Gold Drops - Nano Gold

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  • Nanomaterial Platin
  • Category Food and Beverage, Supplements
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Produkt Information

THE SECRET IS THAT CONSUMING NANO SIZED PARTICLES OF GOLD HELPS TO TURN YOUR DNA, brain, nervous system, and body tissues into superconductors of a greatly increased flow of etheric energy. GOLD is a powerful electrical conductor. Many experience enhanced mental lucidity, greater mind-body coordination, improved learning ability, increased creativity, and calmer reactions to stressful situations. It's well known to enhance one's awareness, intuition, and make one more energy sensitive.
INGESTIBLE GOLD WAS THE MOST HEAVILY GUARDED SECRET OF THE ANCIENT WORLD. It's no longer just for kings and rulers. The benefits are becoming more and more apparent outside the realm of wealth and status, even by the health field. In Nano form GOLD becomes an exotic matter that harmonizes and syncs the two hemispheres of the brain. Integration of the brain dissolves dualistic perception and propagates the realization of the Higher. Nano GOLD helps the truer you come out from within.
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO TAKE YOUR SPIRITUAL AWAKENING TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Nano GOLD is known to accelerate the decalcification of the pineal gland. Experts have reported that it works with the pituitary gland to increase hormone production, reinvigorating the body. This means it's great for the skin, hair, and other body parts affected by aging... Hence, the well known anti-aging affects of GOLD! It's believed to do this by unlocking and repairing DNA.
DO YOU WANT TO UNLOCK YOUR COMPLETE DNA POTENTIAL? Do you want a deeper connection to the universal creative forces? Nano GOLD works on the subtle energy fields and chakra centers of the body. When the subtle energy fields are aligned and balanced, they provide the life force energy the body requires to live in a state of optimal health. When the energy fields become deficient or out of balance, the body becomes weak and is susceptible to disease.

Producentens beskrivelse

Price is for a pack of two filters for 75cl bottle
Removes over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants and more
Not effective on sea water
Filters 200 litres of water (roughly 3 months)
Deactivates when dry
One filter weighs 18g
Biodegradable filter membrane
Recyclable end caps

Filter info (nano carbon):


  • Platin
  • Unknown
  • Suspended in liquid
  • Denmark European Union
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