SAMSUMG JU6800 6 Series Flat UHD 4K Nano Crystal Smart TV

  • Manufacturer Samsung
  • Nanomaterial Unknown
  • Category Electronics and Computers, Display - TV
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Sensational Nano Crystal Colour The latest development in screen technology, JU6800 UHD Nano Crystal TV delivers 1.2x more colour than standard UHD creating amazingly lifelike scenes with true to life tones in four times the detail of Full HD. This true UHD screen offers colour range that meets the highest of industry standards emitting the purest light source delivering increased brightness levels, colours and content as the director intended.

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UHD Nano Crystal picture quality with 1400 PQI
Experience amazingly lifelike scenes with sensational colour through the JU6800 UHD Nano Crystal TV - a breakthrough that takes ultra-high definition to a new level. Delivering 20% more colour than standard UHD, colours are brighter and more vivid making the picture come to life.
Nano Crystal technology is a new, patented material featuring colour crystals that are three to seven nanometres in size (one thousand millionth of a metre) and are 33,000 times smaller than a strand of hair. This latest technology combines with the backlight panel to deliver a higher transmittance of purer white light and a wider colour gamut than standard UHD TVs.


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  • Denmark European Union
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