MesoSilica™ - Nanoparticle Colloidal Silica

  • Manufacturer Purest Colloids Inc.
  • Nanomaterial Silicon dioxide
  • Category Food and Beverage, Supplements
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Product Information

DIetary Supplement

Manufacturer's description

MesoSilica is an all natural dietary mineral supplement and is a true colloidal silica, not an ionic silica. It is made using the highest purity, sterile, reagent grade deionized water and has a high bioavailability due to small particles. Purest Colloids, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide producer of MesoSilica.

Contains only pure pharmaceutical grade deionized water and .999 pure silica particles.
Concentration: 600 ppm (minimum) of silica nanoparticles.
Small silica nanoparticles, 6 nm typical.
High particle surface area for maximum effectiveness.
Tasteless - tastes like water.

Others Say

MesoSilica - nanoparticle colloidal silica mineral product

Highest particle surface area for maximum effectiveness.

When you need colloidal silica, don't settle for an ionic silica solution.


  • Silicon dioxide
  • Plastic packaging
  • Suspended in liquid
  • Denmark European Union
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