RMRC Nano Cricket 5.8GHz VTX with Smart Audio MMCX

  • Manufacturer EMAX
  • Nanomaterial Unknown
  • Category Electronics and Computers, Computer hardware
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Produkt Information

Easy to operate with visible LEDs and single button operation.
Lightweight and secure MMCX Antenna connection
Right Angle Dipole antenna and SMA adapter included
Pit mode, 25, 200mw transmitting power on 100% US legal channels
Officially licensed Smart Audio control
Frequency: 5.8GHz 40 Channel (37 unique)
RF Power: Pit mode/25mW/200mW selectable
Power Input: 5V DC
Supply Current: 100-260mA
Camera Power: 5V (500mA max)
Connector: MMCX
Port Connector: Direct Solder
Dimensions: 15.2 x 14.3 x 3mm (20 x 14.3 x 3 with MMCX)
Weight: 1.4g (3.4g including cables)
Audio: Not included
Made in China
RMRC Nano Cricket
5cm MMCX to SMA Female adapter
5cm MMCX Dipole Antenna
Pre Soldered Wire Harness (bare white wire for Smart Audio)

Producentens beskrivelse

Introducing the RMRC Nano Cricket! We have taken one of our most popular transmitters and shrunk it down to size to give you the best VTX on the market! The Nano Cricket has retained the same, variable transmitter output along with the 100% US legal channels and easy to use LEDs. It also comes equipped with officially licensed SmartAudio operation which allows the user to control the transmitter remotely. We know you will love the RMRC Nano Cricket!


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